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Management of the Older Adult Two: Medical Surgical “Med Surg” Two

Well, 2020 has been a bit difficult for just about everyone. Probably a bit more difficult than this course is. So, that means we could all use a little help. I have attached my study guides from my Med Surg 2 class. There’s a Doc available for each exam for download. I recommended adding whatever one feels is necessary from their own lecture. I’ve also attached PDF photos of my own additions to my study guide I added during my actually studying for the exam when I was answering questions on the additional question study guide that is attached. As I’ve mentioned before in other posts, everyone studies and learns differently and that is likely to change from course to course. Being able to adapt ones studying techniques to the course is going to aid in excelling and understanding in the course.

Exam 1 Gastrointestinal & Renal

Exam 1 Additional Notes page 1
Exam 1 Additional Notes page 2
Exam 1 Additional Notes page 3
Exam 1 Additional Notes page 4

Exam Two Endocrine & Cardiovascular

Exam 2 Additional Notes page 1
Exam 2 Additional Notes page 2
Exam 2 Additional Notes page 3
Exam 2 Additional Notes page 4
Exam 2 Additional Notes page 5
Exam 2 Additional Notes page 6

Exam 3 Immune & Neurology

Exam 3 Additional Notes page 1
Exam 3 Additional Notes page 2
Exam 3 Additional Notes page 3
Exam 3 Additional Notes page 4
Exam 3 Additional Notes page 5
Exam 3 Additional Notes page 6

Exam 4 Shock & Burns

Exam 4 Additional Notes page 1
Exam 4 Additional Notes page 2
Exam 4 Additional Notes page 3
Exam 4 Additional Notes page 4
Exam 4 Additional Notes page 5
Exam 4 Additional Notes page 5
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Quarantine Boredom

I keep seeing people post things on social media about how bored they are. So, I thought I’d write a post about how I’m keeping myself from boredom during this interesting, new, and scary quarantine time.


I haven’t had too much of a green thumb before but I have also not been stuck at home for weeks on end. So, there’s a lot of NEW going around. So, not only am I keeping myself busy (as someone who is going into nursing, I like to take care of things) but I’m also providing herbs for my fiancé and me. I’m growing them they way I would like to see them grown.

Day 1

I currently only have 1 little green leaf growing in the Arugula but let me say, “I AM PROUD OF THAT LITTLE LEAF! I did it. I grew that! And as that green leaf grows so does my green thumb and so does my excitement. I will continue to give updates on how these herbs are growing but in the mean time; this is how I started my indoor herb garden.

Indoor Herb Garden Materials

  • MASON JARS – However many herbs you want to plant
    • 16 oz 24 pack
    • Amazon link below (click the picture)
    • Don’t forget what you’ve planted!
    • I wrote on mine with a silver sharpie and used labels I had laying around the house
    • I did add similar ones I found on Amazon, below (click the picture)
  • SMALL ROCKS any type of small rock will work)
    • I made sure to rinse my rocks (you’re going to be eating the herbs that grow with them)
    • Fill the jar about 1-2 in
    • Amazon link below (click the picture)
    • Fill the far until just before the lid rim
    • INSERT SEED – follow seed directions (make sure they can be indoor and in a small pot)
      • Add potting mix and fill to the top of mason jar
    • Amazon link below (click the picture)
    • I read this one was one of the best (affordable) pitting mixes out there
    • The potting mis
  • HERBS (I chose basil, rosemary, arugula, and oregano)
    • I’ve also thought about doing cat nip
    • I purchased all of my herbs at Home Depot

Herb Care

Day 10

Tiny Green Arugula Leaf


I’ve been watering my herb garden daily, just enough water to fill the top of the mason jar. I’m only giving them a small amount of water each day making sure the potting mix stays moist.


I also set my herbs outside when it’s nice and sunny so they can get some the sun’s vitamins

Green Thumb or Boredom?

Green thumb vs boredom I’m not sure I have a green thumb just yet, but I’m trying and I’m excited to continue posting my progress. This little plant has given me something to do, something new to try, herbs to eat (we’ll see). So, I’d say this is a pretty good way to fight boredom.

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Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

We live in a society where we go, go, go, and then we go some more. We forget to check in on ourselves. I say this because I am also 100% guilty of this. Unfortunately, I tend to realize how little I’ve checked in when it seems too late and I’m having a break down. I’ll admit it, I’m human and can emotionally only take so much. Let me say that again, I’m human, we’re all human, we’re aloud to have emotions. We are aloud to express our emotions. However, society has made it difficult to acceptably express our emotions. So, with this in mind we have to check in and figure out what helps release those emotions. Some activities that I have come to realize have been helping me are:

Mandala Colorings

When it comes to drawing, I am not the best. Coloring on the other hand, is something that I very much enjoy. It makes me feel like a little kid again and when I say that I mean, I feel like I have no worries, except maybe staying in the lines. The only “worries” are which colors to use, staying in the lines, and what do I want this to look like. There have been plenty of studies that have shown how coloring can relax the fear center of the brain. This is just one small, easy way to take the mind off anything that keeps playing of repeat over and over in the mind.

Mandala Coloring Book For Adults With Thick Artist Quality Paper, Hardback Covers, and Spiral Binding by ColorIt


Yoga is another activity that I didn’t believe in at first. I have been doing yoga for a few years now, never religiously, just when I could. Yoga works if it’s done every day or if it’s done it once a month. Giving myself even the small amount of 20 minutes to stretch and focus just on me, relieves a ridiculous amount of stress. This video has been one of the best stress relievers that I have found. Take the time to relief stress and tension.


Breathing and meditation are something that I feel like many people have said, “You should really try this! It really helps!” and yet for some reason, in my mind, I thought, “Yea, ok, yea right” However, my thoughts were completely wrong. I didn’t believe that meditation and breathing would honestly help me to relax and focus my energy. Even though, that’s exactly what it’s designed for. I still didn’t or couldn’t believe it. It took me until I saw first hand how it could help someone.

My fiancé started following the Wim How method. I would hear him breathing in the shower in the mornings. Then when he would come home from work, he’d head down stairs and I could hear him doing the breathing exercises again. At first I was thinking again, “I’m not sure this is really going to help,” and “I’m not so sure I believe in it.” After awhile my fiancé would come up stairs after meditating and breathing and he would have the biggest smile on his face and almost seemed as though he was a completely new person. I could feel how relaxed and at ease he felt. It was electrifying and contagious. So, I thought I’d give it a try. I didn’t think I felt different after the first time so my fiancé said that’s normal and it’ll take a few times to feel the effects. He was very encouraging. And let’s be honest, nothing happens in one day or after one time. I have done the Wim Hof breathing for a couple weeks now and I can definitely feel the effects. This is something that is free, easy, and it works. I highly recommend giving it a shot, and giving it your all. The only person being suffering is you. The first couple times I tried it, I didn’t let myself give it my all and that’s why it didn’t work. Then, I realized the only person I’m not helping is myself.


While doing some of the breathing exercises I also listen to a meditation. My fiancé had the amazing idea that we combine the Wim Hof breathing method with a guided meditation. I found one meditation that is all about grounding and accepting. When combining the meditation with the breathing I was able to feel like I was floating. I felt like I was able to ground myself and feel free at the same time. For someone who was so against meditating and breathing and didn’t believe in either, I have become a strong believer. I didn’t realize how disconnected from myself I had become, and honestly, still am. Yet, I am and will continue to work on it, to work on my, work on finding myself and grounding myself. So, for anyone who is hesitant to give any of this a try, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! But, think about it who will it hurt? The only thing it can do is either help, or not do anything. Either way there’s nothing lost.